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Access Point


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The Access Point is an exciting addition to the Pipe Doctor range.

  • Withstands up to 1 bar
  • Can be removed and refitted
  • Pre-assembled for direct insertion into the host pipe

Designed for use on DN70, DN100 and DN150 plastic, ductile and cast iron fall pipes, the Access Point kit includes 10 Access Points, and a full set of tools. These include a 54mm diamond core drill for cutting the hole to the exact required size, a de-burring tool for smoothing off the hole, and an allen key to tighten the Access Point once it's in place.

Compared to a piece of broken pipe, a reinforced sticky tape or perhaps a coupling, the Access Point is a neat, tidy and professional alternative.





Q - Where can the Access Point be used?
A - The Access Point is a secure point of entry into DN70, DN100 and DN150 plastic, ductile and cast iron pipes.

Q - When would it be used?
A - For entry into a drainage system where no man hole exists or other means of access.

Q - How long does it take to install?
A - From start to finish the installation takes less than a minute; this may increase when cutting into very old cast pipe

Q - Can the Access Point be removed and re used?
A - Of course and this is a key advantage of the product. Often contractors will be called back to the repair to undertake further work.

Q - Can the Access Point be installed in both plastic and cast iron pipe?
A - Yes it can - we have recently upgraded to a diamond core drill that is both suitable for plastic and cast iron, including very old cast that varies in thickness. Please note it is important to lubricate while installing in to cast iron. See installation instructions.

Q - Can the Access Point be used on a square pipe?
A - No, the current product is not designed for this application.

Q - Can the Access Point be installed on a bend?
A - Yes, providing the hole is cut on the side of the bend rather than on the radius.

Q - Is the Access Point available in any other size?
A - Not currently - if the demand is identified then anything is possible

Q - What pressure does the Access Point withstand?

A - The Access Point has been successfully tested to withstand 1 bar.

Q - Can the Access Point be used on a high rise building?
A - The access point is suitable for use up to 10 metres (the equivalent to a 3 storey building)

Q - What size is the Access Point?
A - The diamond core drill cuts a hole of 54mm. The core drill is supplied with an arbour and a pilot drill.

Q - Is 54mm big enough for all CCTV cameras?
A - No, there may be very few cameras in the market where the head is too big. If the hole is made bigger than the 54mm hole saw on a 100mm or 150mm pipe, it may compromise the water tight seal.

Q - What kind of drill is suitable to connect to the core drill?
A - A standard 110 volt power drill suitable for a 12mm hexagon arbour

Q - How many Access Points will the core drill install?
A - We can not guarantee any specific number, however we have tested the diamond core drill over 10 times on both cast and plastic, and the core drill was unaffected

Q - What is the Access Point made of?
A - Glass filled nylon with a rubber centre. The screw is made of stainless steel.

Q - Will the stainless steel screw go rusty?
A - No, stainless steel will stay rust free so therefore the re entry will never be compromised

Q - Is the Access Point air tight?
A - Yes it is, resulting in no odours.

Q - What Access Point packs are available?
A - The product is available in a Contractor Pack which contains 10 Access Points and a set of tools, or in a pack of 20 Access Points, without the tools.