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Unisaddle FA150U

Unisaddle FA150U Header

The new multi-purpose Unisaddle FA150U offers a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lateral connection, for thick wall pipe. 

The Flexseal Unisaddle will fit all sizes of clay or concrete main sewer or surface water pipes from DN300, where concrete rebar is not needed or is protected, including thin-walled pipes down to just 27.5mm thick. It will accept lateral connections from any DN150 pipe, regardless of pipe material, with the simple addition of a Flexseal Multibush and or Lateral Pipe Adaptor.

The Unisaddle’s adaptability comes courtesy of a set of rubber shims, supplied on the product. The contractor simply needs to remove the correct number to achieve a secure fit onto the main pipe.  Equally, the Flexseal Multibush assures a perfect fit on the lateral pipe, offering 4 different permutations.

For main pipes DN300 and above, with a minimum wall thickness of 27.5mm.

• Fits more main pipe sizes than other similar products
• Fits any DN150 lateral pipe in conjunction with a Flexseal Multibush
• Lower cost in comparison to junctions
• Accepts a deflection on the lateral pipe of 7°
• Withstands an internal pressure of 1 bar
• Incorporates shear support to withstand a shear load of 25 Newtons per mm pipe diameter
• No adhesives, sealant or concrete required
• Lightweight, easy to handle for quick installation
• No need to excavate around the pipe and disrupt the pipe bedding