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TA Saddle

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Connect to a 110mm, 160mm or 200mm OD lateral pipe into a large diameter smooth wall pipe, including concrete, vitrified clay, asbestos cement, fibre cement and PVC.


  • Available for both 45° and 90° lateral connections
  • Will withstand 0.5 bar internal pressure
  • Can be applied to pipes of any wall thickness
  • Seal made on the pipe surface, and secured with straps, which pass around the outside of the main pipe


  • Ideal for a quick, low cost solution
  • Available for both 45° and 90° lateral connections (TA200 has no 90° option)
  • Can be applied to pipes of any wall thickness
  • Seal applied on the outside of the pipe preventing infiltration/exfiltration
  • Strong stainless steel components

  TA11090 TA11045 TA16090 TA16045 TA20045
Internal diameter of main pipe 160-400mm 160-400mm 200-400mm 200-400mm 300-600mm
Lateral pipe 110mm PVC 110mm PVC 160mm PVC 160mm PVC 200mm PVC
Hole size into clay/concrete pipe 127mm core bit * 172/178mm core bit * *
Hole size into PVC pipe 127mm hole saw * 177mm hole saw * *

*If a 45º entry into PVC is required, the rubber gasket can be used as a template and the hole cut with a suitable saw. If a 45º entry into clay or concrete is required, a suitable drilling rig should be used.