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FA Saddle

Unisaddle FA150B

The range consists of two saddles which are suitable for use with all pipe materials: FA150B and FA200B.


  • Accepts a deflection on the lateral of 15 degrees
  • Withstands a vertical load of 2 tonnes
  • No need to excavate around the pipe and disturb the pipe bedding
  • Withstands 1 bar internal pressure
  • WRc Approved
  • Suitable for pipes with a wall thickness of 50mm and above


  FA150B FA200B
Internal diameter of main pipe 375 - 1500mm 450 - 1500mm
Wall thickness of main pipe 50 - 150mm 50 - 150mm

These saddle connections can be used with all lateral pipe materials, and details of these connections are as follows:

  Pipe OD Hole Size Bush Required Pipe Type
FA150B 160 - 166mm 172mm BC12/166 160mm OD PVC, DN150 Quantum,
DN150 Cast Iron (SMU/Ensign/SML)
  170 - 177mm   BC06/178 DN150 Ductile Iron, DN150 Ultra-Rib,
DN150 Cast Iron (Drain)
  178 - 190mm   NONE REQUIRED DN150 Clay, DN150 Supersleve,
DN150 Twin Wall Plastic
FA200B 200 - 208mm 232mm BC21/205 200mm OD PVC
  210 - 220mm   BC08/232 DN200 Cast Iron (SMU/Ensign/SML)
  222 - 250mm   NONE REQUIRED DN200 Vitrified Clay, DN200 Rigidrain,
DN200 Ductile Iron, DN 225 Quantum
and DN225 Ultra-Rib

 For the correct saddle connection selection to be made, please inform us of the correct OD and type of lateral pipe being used.