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Flexseal Multibush

Available from Fernco, the Flexseal Multibush is a new innovation in pipe connection technology, providing the contractor with a multi-use product to connect pipes of different outside diameters.  

Using a Flexseal Multibush and a Standard Coupling enables a secure joint between different types of pipe material, whilst including a shear band in the joint.  The Multibush avoids the need to stock different couplings for different connections - no matter which pipe materials are being repaired, the Flexseal Multibush will facilitate a secure connection.  The Multibush is available in DN100 and DN150 sizes.

Alternatives, such as a coupling with an integrated bush, can be more expensive and lead to waste material, especially if the same size pipe and material is being repaired. Trimmed sections cannot be reused, the job is overspecified and inefficient.  Use of the Flexseal Multibush allows a cost efficient, time efficient and stock efficient pipe connection. 

The Flexseal Multibush: Innovation and efficiency - connected. 

Use of the Multibush with DN150 pipes

flexseal multibush diagram 694 px

Use of the Multibush with DN100 pipes

Examples of connections achievable with a 100mm Multibush and a SC137 Standard Coupling include:  

  • 110mm OD PVC to 130mm OD Salt glazed clay
  • 114mm OD Cast Iron to 125mm OD Asbestos Cement
  • 118mm OD Ductile Iron to 118mm OD Rigidrain
  • 122mm OD Supersleve to 110mm OD PVC