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Extra Wide Couplings

Flexseal Extra Wide Couplings are used for connecting large diameter concrete pipes. The width of the coupling is 300mm.

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Flexseal Extra Wide Couplings are available in a variety of standard and large sizes ranging from 200mm to 3500mm+ in outside diameter.

Standard extra wide couplings are designed for use in the repair of cracked pipelines or those subject to local damage. When excavation work is required to repair a damaged pipe, extra wide couplings will reduce the amount of time needed and differences in pipe diameter can be accommodated.

Large extra wide couplings are available and they provide a watertight method of connecting large diameter concrete pipes. The 300mm width allows greater tolerance in cutting at the ends of the pipe, as well as providing for the movement of the pipe ends due to settlement.

Standard and large extra wide couplings, supplied by Fernco, are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the contractor or site and can be produced to suit any pipe outside diameter.


  • Enables an easier and more efficient on site installation process
  • Provides a high performance seal on large diameter pipelines
  • Offers greater allowance for pipe movement
  • On site pipe cutting is made easier due to the increased tolerance on the pipe ends
  • Allows for greater angular deflection at the point of connection


  • Repair of cracked or damaged pipes
  • Manufactured to specific site requirements
  • Standard extra wide couplings pipes from size 200mm OD