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Adaptor Couplings

adapterCouplings3Adaptor couplings are used for connecting drainage pipes of differing materials and outside diameters.

Adaptor Couplings from the Flexseal range are manufactured to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the drainage marketplace, and provide a solution to many cases of adaptation.

The Adaptor Couplings have a step moulded elastomeric sleeve that has different diameters at each end. The sleeve is fitted with two stainless steel clamping bands that provide an efficient method of connecting pipes that have varying outside diameters, eradicating possible bush requirements.

adaptorCouplings1Adaptor Couplings can also be used to connect all traditional and new pipe systems including structural walled plastic pipes.

Special ranges of adaptor couplings, incorporating an extra wide clamping band at one end, are also available for ribbed pipe systems. The clamping band secures against two or more external ribs on the plastic ribbed pipe thereby ensuring a high performance seal is obtained irrespective of the coupling position or movement.

Fernco can also supply adaptor couplings with nitrile sleeves.

Installation of Adaptor Coupling


  • Provides a quick and efficient method of connecting pipes of differing materials and outside diameters
  • Low cost alternative to using Bushes


  • Provide a connection to pipes of different outside diameters
  • Can be used to join pipelines that are different materials including vitrified clay, cast iron and metal pipes