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Fernco Plumbqwik Couplings

A full range of flexible PVC plumbing couplings for replacement or repair; suitable for most pipe materials.

20131203 021217The Fernco PlumbQwik PVC range offers the most flexible fitting U.V. stabilised coupling on the market. The coupling will blend in with exposed DWV pipe, giving an aesthetic installation.

The PlumbQwik range can be installed on most pipe materials including plastic, copper, cast iron, AC, clay, concrete, steel and fibreglass, and being a quick and tool-free installation, the range is ideal for pipe jointing and pipe repairs.

Manufactured from flexible PVC, Fernco Plumbqwiks offer a comprehensive range of Straight and Adaptor Couplings, suitable for different pipe diameters and a variety of low pressure applications, with the added benefit of UV stability.

The range of Fernco joiners is available in both grey and black PVC, ideal if aesthetics are an important factor

Fernco Plumbqwik Straight Couplings

20131203 021238These provide a multi fit application and an effective solution for jointing pipes with similar outside diameters. The range is available in sizes suitable for connecting pipes with diameters from 21mm up to 130mm and each coupling has its own size range tolerance.

Fernco Plumbqwik Adaptor Couplings

This range is ideal for connecting pipes with differing outside diameters and are available to suit pipes ranging from 32mm up to 130mm, with each coupling having its own size range tolerance.

The Fernco range of joiners is ideal for use in confined spaces including under a bath or shower tray etc. and the flexible PVC material makes it easy to connect misaligned pipes.