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A quick, permanent fix

Date: 17 May 2013

powrManaging a busy motel can be a challenge at the best of times. From cooking to cleaning to customer service, there are a wide range of demands on a team on an hourly basis.

So when a pipe becomes damaged, either through an accident or general wear and tear, the fallout from any leakage can be massive. A burst high pressure pipe pumping out gallons of water can lead to damage, closure of facilities and can be a true cost to a motel owner. Keeping this disruption to a minimum is a high priority!

The Fernco Pow-R Wrap can help in this situation. It is supplied as a kit which contains all you need to stop a high flow or a slow leak from any pipe – quickly and permanently. Activate the resin by simply pouring water into the foil pouch which contains the wrap, wrap it around the damaged area of pipe, and hold for up to 15 minutes. An advanced putty is also supplied for additional strength. No additional materials, no mess and no complex instructions. For wet, dry, dirty, corroded, hot and cold pipes - if you can wrap it, you can repair it.

The system has been used successfully around the world for many years, and has built a reputation in many countries as the quick, permanent and hassle free method for repairing pipes or virtually any material and any diameter.

So next time one of your plumbing areas springs a leak, make sure you have a Fernco Pow-R Wrap ready to fix it. Think of the disruption it’ll save, and so all the cleaning, cooking and customer service you’ll be working on instead.