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Bucket Trap gains Sydney Water Approval

Date: 10 July 2013

bucketAs a new product for Fernco, we are delighted to announce an approval of the product from Sydney Water.

One of Australia's key water companies has recognised the product as being outstanding at what it does, and of being an ideal solution for preventing debris from entering a building's wastewater system.

Fernco have recently added the Australian-made Bucket Trap to our range, a proven flexible rubber trap that can be installed into existing floor waste outlets, without disturbing the surface. So whether a care facility, a kitchen or an industrial area, you can now install the Bucket Trap in the knowledge that Sydney Water have recommended its use.

Commenting on the approval, Dan Kelley, Sales Manager at Fernco, said "Sydney Water are an organisation that everyone has a lot of respect for, and  people know that what they say can be trusted. A product like the Bucket Trap is all about peace of mind, and to have approval from both Fernco and Sydney Water can only support this. It's also excellent to know it's manufactured in Australia" .

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